Job Boot Camp - Workshops



The ABC 6 Job Boot Camp on Monday July 17th will feature helpful workshops throughout the day. Here are just some of the workshops that will be at the Boot Camp:

Workshops will be in half hour sessions from 11 a.m to 3 p.m. Check back for the complete workshop schedule.

  • How your credit report score can affects your job
  • How to manage your budget, debt, collections and housing issues during a job search
  • How to de-stress during your job search
  • How to prepare for you job search - The basics for the newly unemployed
    Mature Job Seekers - Hidden Jewels of the Job Market
  • How to dress for an interview - sorry, flip flops are not dress shoes
  • Mature Job Seekers - Hidden Jewels of the Job Market
  • Using LinkedIn as a networking tool
  • Networking basics - sometimes it's not what you know, but who you know
  • How social media can affect your job search
  • Cover letter basics - what to include and what to avoid
  • Resume Basics - For those writing a resume for the first time
  • Goal setting and expectations in your job search