Healthcare Reform

The president took one pen after another into his left hand, carefully building the signature of Barack Obama so all those who surrounded him could take home a piece of legislative history. The ink made it official that a health care reform bill has passed. Before the ink had even dried the opposition to the bill stood ready to file lawsuits declaring it unconstitutional, senate republicans vowed to muck up the legislation as it gets reconciled into the final version and people across the country raised concerns that the president and congress had just made government too big.

What is it about health care reform that has brought out such strong passion? The answer lies in the political divide of a nation. Some see the new law as the pathway to universal coverage. They see coverage for everyone as a right and a necessity to keep our economy moving and medical costs under control in the years to come.

Others call the legislation another step toward socialism, a hindrance to small business and a subjugation of the people to the state. This point of view does not see the value in properly insuring people with little means so the cost of their care is not specifically born by those who are insured which is the way the current system works.

We rarely understand the long term effect of sweeping legislation until time allows us perspective. This plan will take years to implement. It is likely to be tweaked and twisted along the way. Courts will have a say, legislators will have a say and the public will have a say by way of several election cycles before the law completely engages.

If viewed as a beginning is the country better for taking some action or none at all? I'll bet most of you reading this can quickly answer that question with an intense response. There's something about this health care legislation that brings out passionate debate.

Please, let me know what you think.

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