How Instagram and an iPhone changed this Short North man's career

(Courtesy: Brian Kaiser)

It was supposed to be a hobby, but it turned into a career.

Brian Kaiser spent his downtime taking photographs on his iPhone and posting them to Instagram.

"I found a following and an audience that appreciated that work," he said. "Overtime, I started to take it more seriously."

As his work grew, so did his followers. Kaiser, who resides in the Short North, currently has 64,000 followers on Instagram.

His photos were getting so much attention, that popular companies started noticing his images.

"Brands started reaching out to me," he said.

In December, Kaiser quit his day-job in public relations and dedicated himself full-time to focusing on his craft.

"I kept waiting for the right moment, thinking it was gonna be this obvious huge sign," he said. "I finally realized I was going to have to take a leap of faith."

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