Made Local: Role Model Magazine


Sandra Brogdon is the founder and publisher of Role Model Magazine.

The quarterly magazine, based here in Central Ohio, is geared toward girls ages 10 to 24.

As the title suggests, the publication promotes positive role models.

“We want to give girls the experience to live a beautiful life,” Brogdon explained. “So we highlight them day-to-day women who are doing amazing things. We also give them tools and tips to just navigate through this world as they grow, plus connect them with things that are happening in the community that will inspire them to just really reach that full potential.”

Going beyond the pages, Sandra’s company also hosts events like the Role Model Self Love Fashion Show happening this Saturday from 1pm - 4pm at Polaris Fashion Place.

Brogdon says she is doing the event in partnership with Benefit Cosmetics and Macy's Polaris.

“The event really came about from speaking with Benefit and partnering with their Bold Is Beautiful campaign which is all about building confidence in girls, and then doing what we do, which is creating those opportunities for parents and mentors and girls to really come together and engage in a positive atmosphere.”

Brogdon says the event will feature local role models in our community, photo booths, beauty stations, a dance performance by Dance Elite. The fashion show will feature their latest collection of Role Model Magazine ‘InspireTees’, paired with clothing from Macy’s as well as a special presentation featuring a collection from Cincinnati, Ohio fashion designer Misti Leigh, founder of iii label. Plus, National Brow Artists from Benefit Cosmetics will be doing brow services on-site.

Melony Farrar, the Benefit Cosmetics’ Ohio Retail Account Manager explained the Bold Is Beautiful campaign. “During the month of May, every time you get a brow wax at Benefit Cosmetics stations in Macy’s Easton, Polaris or Tuttle, 100% of proceeds will be donated to charities empowering women & girls.”

With Role Model Magazine, Brogdon says what keeps her going is knowing that she is making a difference.

“There are days when I feel like I’m just kind of following my dreams and I get to those times where I’m ready to give up, then I get an email from someone who's read my magazine or I just meet someone in the street, and they're like, "You know, that changed my life." So I know that if I can change one girl's life to make her feel better about herself and just go for those dreams, I'm doing something positive. It’s amazing.”

Learn more about Role Model Magazine by visiting their Facebook page:

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