Made Local: Rustic Apple Art


Floyd Appleman started Rustic Apple Art two years ago.

“I had always been a license plate collector,” Floyd said. “And since I’d collected so many of them it was kind of natural to start developing that into a business.”

His business specializes in upcycling license plates into unique art pieces, mugs, signs and key chains.

Floyd’s wide Julie helps with the marketing side of Rustic Apple Art.

“She is a huge supporter of it,” Floyd said. “She has awesome ideas like how we started We have our own Etsy site now and just the growth of the business in general.

Floyd says he has collected license plates from all 50 states at one point in time.

“Some states are harder to get,” he admits. “Hawaii, Alaska, Connecticut, Rhode Island, since there's not that many cars there, those plates are harder to come by.”

Asked if there are any plates that he wants that he hasn't been able to get yet, he said there's two: Florida's Endless Summer and the Whale Tail from California.

Floyd is one of the local makers featured at Ohio Made Market’s Spring Fling Event Saturday, April 8 at Creekside in Gahanna.

To learn more about Rustic Apple Art, visit the website:

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