7 supplies to keep your dorm clean


It’s move-in weekend for many college students around Ohio. That means cramming as many clothing, shoes, school supplies and household items as possible into one small room.

While you’re packing your decorations, favorite HS sweatshirt and oversized futon, don’t forget the these seven essential items needed to keep your dorm room clean.

Cleaning Wipes - The best cleaning supplies are condensed supplies. Cleaning wipes are a quick and easy solution to wiping up spills and disinfecting countertops. They’re easy to use and the canister doesn’t take up much space.

Disposable Plates and Cutlery - You probably won’t have a kitchen sink in your dorm room or any real way to wash dishes in the dormitory itself. And you’ll probably eat most of your meals in a dining hall. However, if you’re ordering pizza or takeout to your room, it’s nice to have plates, cutlery and napkins handy.

Mini Vacuum - These are the perfect for picking up crumbs, stray hair and dust. Unlike upright vacuums, you don’t have to deal with cords or worry about a large place to store it.

Upright Basket - The drawstring baskets, the mesh divider baskets, and the collapsible hampers are all popular, trendy items. However, a large, sturdy, upright basket is more practical and requires zero effort. Grab the kind with handles so it’s easy to carry with one hand.

Deep Cleaning Mop Pads - If you have tile or hardwood floors in your dorm, the deep cleaning mop pads are a simple way to clean up. Similar to the mini vacuum, it’s compact and easy to store.

White Sheets - Take this cue from hotels. White sheets look nice, are easy to toss in the washer (hot water and bleach!), and because it’s all white it’s easy to find replacement pillowcases and sheets if necessary without having to buy an entire new set.

DIY Magnetic Makeup Board - Saving space is key here. This is a creative way to make space on the counter. Use a magnetic makeup board to hold your makeup and mirror for a simple wall vanity. Just use a sheet of metal, decorative wallpaper or fabric, a frame, hotglue gun, and magnets. Click here for Step-by-step instructions:

With these seven items, you can keep your dorm at least relatively clean.

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