Homemade KahluaMakes 2 bottles
by Cathy Blackwood

2 oz. instant coffee
2 cups boiling water (measured after boiling)
4 cups sugar
2 cups vodka
1 vanilla bean

Boil water on stove top; measure out 2 cups and place in large bowl or pot.
Dissolve sugar to create a simple syrup.
Add coffee crystals, stirring until completely dissolved.
Place bowl in ice bath or refrigerator until completely cooled. (Pouring vodka into a hot mixture will burn off the alcohol and that defeats the purpose).
Once the sugar/coffee mixture is completely cooled, add the vodka.
Carefully transfer the fluid into two empty bottles (a funnel is very handy to have).
Cut the vanilla bean in half lengthwise; place on half in each bottle.
Cork bottles and store in a dark place for at least 30 days.

This recipe aired 081913