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Good Day MarketPlace

ABC6/FOX28/Boy Scouts Collecting Food!  #FILLTHISTRUCK -- Just a few $$ for canned SOUP, box of POTATOES, jars of PB & J can help feed Central Ohio families!

We're collecting non-perishable goods until 6:30 PM today. Drop-off site -- 1261 Dublin Road in Columbus.


On ABC6 at 11PM: Towing for Profit in Brice

Updated: Thursday, July 17 2014, 04:23 PM EDT
On ABC6 at 11PM: Towing for Profit in Brice story image
Tonight at 11PM, ABC 6 Chief Investigator Tom Sussi is digging deeper into problems with a Central Ohio Police Department.

In February, ABC 6 showed you how the Village of Brice relies on writing tons of tickets to pay the bills. Now, the village has found a way to squeeze even more cast out of these routine traffic stops.

ABC 6 Investigators learned that Brice gets a piece of the action from the company that tows and impounds vehicles for police.

Tom Sussi previews the story on the video player above!
On ABC6 at 11PM: Towing for Profit in Brice
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