Fiona's family reunion taking time as she struggles to interact with her father

(Courtesy: Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden)

CINCINNATI, Ohio (WSYX/WTTE) -- While Fiona and her mom are spending several hours a day together, her time with her father has been much more limited.

In the Cincinnati Zoo's latest blog post about the five-month-old hippo, her care team chronicled the steady growth with Fiona and her mom, Bibi, while also describing some of the obstacles she's facing with her father, Henry.

Even though it remains unclear if Bibi and Fiona recognize each other as mother and daughter, both have shown a strengthening bond in recent weeks.

However, they said the comfort level between Fiona and Henry is still a work in progress. Their meetings are always kept under close scrutiny with lots of fallbacks in case things should turn sour. While Fiona has shown hesitancy to be around Henry seemingly out of fear, Henry on the other-hand has responded as such out of uncertainty as to what his dynamic should be with the his daughter, the care staff said.

Henry has been a father before, but hasn't had a baby hippo around in 20 years, so the zoo thinks he could be having first-time-dad jitters. They believe Bibi might be able to play a role in getting each comfortable with one another.

As they have stressed from the beginning, the staff keeps emphasizing the importance of patience.

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