110th birthday party for Ross County's oldest resident

Sally Ellis was born on March 14, 1907. (WSYX/WTTE)

The community gathered for a major birthday celebration for Ross County's oldest resident: Sally Ellis, who turned 110 on Tuesday.

"Well, it's very nice seeing everyone here for my birthday," said Ellis.

Sally was living independently up until the age of 108. Liberty Village, where she now lives, was packed for the big celebration.

Family, friends and more rang in her birthday with cake, music, and even a special declaration from Chillicothe's mayor commemorating March 14 as Sally Ellis Day.

Ellis moved to Chillicothe in 1934 with her husband and son Jack.

"(I thought) maybe we would be going home, moving back home," she laughed, ''I'm still here though."

The mother quickly became involved in the church and fell in love with the city. No matter what age, her work ethic shines through.

"I don't wait for the other person to do it for me. I do it myself if I want something done," says Ellis.

Her son agreed.

"I would come over and find her out raking leaves and she's 106, 107 years old!" said Jack Ellis.

She credits her longevity to healthy living.

"[It's] just a clean lifestyle," she said. "I never drank, I never smoked or anything like that. [I'm] just a normal country girl."

The special celebration was even filled with school kids, who prepared a song for her, and of course to top off the evening, there was a round of "Happy Birthday."

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