Alleged theft by village official worse than originally thought

Laura Vanscoy Andrews (Courtesy Licking County Prosecutor)

Licking County prosecutors claim a former village fiscal officer used her position to write checks to herself from the village coffers and they say the theft may be worse than originally thought. Prosecutors filed an amended indictment against Laura Vanscoy Andrews, claiming she stole more than $170,000 from the village of Alexandria.

The former mayor of the village wishes more people would stop in Alexandria. He also wishes Alexandria no longer existed. Stan Robinson is behind a petition to get the village dissolved and have it become part of St. Albans Township. Robinson said the alleged theft by Vanscoy Andrews is part of the reason. Robinson worked with the woman when he was mayor.

"It just floored me," Robinson said of the indictment. "It floored everybody. I don't know anybody who didn't trust her."

Vanscoy Andrews was a part time employee of the village making around $14,000 per year. Prosecutors said its not clear how she used the stolen funds. Robinson said the village could have used the money for important projects.

"It could have repaired alleys, it could have repaired sidewalks," he said. "It might have funded a police department. We haven't had a police department since 2012."

Vanscoy Andrews faces two third-degree felonies and a misdemeanor. She could get 10 years in prison if convicted.

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