Art Show Set to Show off Skills of Developmentally Disabled Adults

GRANDVIEW HEIGHTS (Terri Sullivan) -- They might be referred to as "developmentally disabled," but all that changes once these artists pick up a paint brush. Their artistic perspective on things is also helping them to pay the bills. {}The work that hangs on the walls of the Open Door Art Studio, in Grandview Heights, is as unique as the person who created it. Claire Smith works with the artists, and says they take inspiration from everyday life. {}"They have a wide range of artistic talents", Smith said. "Painting, ceramics, drawing, watercolor painting."Much of the work being done will be part of "Eye Candy: A Collection of Portraits", an upcoming show.The exhibition will run January 31-February 23 at Tacocat, 987 Burrell Avenue, also in Grandview Heights.The artists get to keep half of the commissions they make from the sale of their paintings.

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