Community Showing Support, After Apartment Building Collapses

WEST JEFFERSON (James Jackson) --{} Five people were inside when it came crashing down, on Main Street.{}It's a frightening scene for Tara Justice, who owns Bambino's Pizza and Wings, across the street. She says the people, who live there are regular customers. "I can't imagine what was going through their head when they fell through the floor," Justice said.{}It makes Tara and husband James think about their own safety. They run the pizza shop and live on the second floor. "It's very scary that can happen and our buildings here in West Jefferson are all very old. My husband and I own this building and yes it ran through my mind. I'm glad that this did not happen to more buildings including mine," Justice said.{}Officials shut down roads in the area, detouring traffic around the apartment building. Rick Birtcher is visiting family from Florida. "I couldn't believe it when I saw it. I mean it was unreal. I never seen a building fall apart like that," Birtcher said.{}{}The Red Cross is helping three people who lived in the building with shelter, food and transportation.