Fiona gets nose-to-nose with mom for first time

CINCINNATI, Ohio (WSYX/WTTE) -- A day after Fiona swam in the same indoor pool her parents use, she got even closer to her mom by physically touching her for the first time.

Fiona and her mom, Bibi, are now able to touch each other through a mesh stall. Zoo staff posted the photo of their encounter on Friday morning saying they spent some time checking each other out.

On Thursday, Fiona's care team drained the pool her parents use, so she could swim and surface for air. Staff said the pool will get deeper as she masters propelling herself to breathe.

Officials said being able to do so in deeper water will be necessary for her before she can venture into the outdoor hippo habitat.

While these are steps to get her closer to that, officials stress it will still be a while before Fiona can join the rest of her species outdoors.

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