Food, family and the American Dream: Owner of Alegria's Seafood moved to U.S. from Mexico

(Courtesy: Alegria's Seafood)

Some might think the food is "shocking," and that is exactly what the owner and head chef, Juan Ramirez, wants.

At Alegria's Seafood off Bethel Road, guests can order a full fish (from head to tail) or even an entire octopus.

Ramirez works side-by-side with his wife, Melissa, whom he's known since junior high school.

"The more we are together, the more we want to be together," said Melissa, as she laughed.

Juan moved from Mexico to California as a child. He and Melissa moved across the U.S. before arriving in Central Ohio to open Alegria's.

"He's the American Dream," said Melissa.

Originally, they opened in Dublin, but the restaurant did not bring in enough business in that location, they said.

Instead of giving up and folding the restaurant, they moved it to Northwest Columbus.

"I think when you work hard, and you are fully committed to whatever you want to do, you'll be very good at it," he said.

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