DeWine confirms Pike County operation involving Franklin County Sheriff assistance

Sheriff vehicles head to a site in Pike County. (Courtesy anonymous Facebook viewer)

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine confirmed Saturday that the Franklin County Sheriff's Office is in Pike County helping with an operation involving two other departments.

DeWine said he could not comment on whether the operation was connected to the Rhoden family murders or if it was a continuation of the Adams and Pike County Sheriff's Office search of a farm near Peebles on Friday.

"What we have is an operation -- an investigation -- involving Adams County, the sheriff's office, Pike County Sheriff's Office, BCI and the attorney general's office," he said. "Today we have some deputies from the Franklin County Sheriff's Office who are there to help us as well."

DeWine, as he has since the Rhoden family members were killed more than a year ago, insisted the Rhoden case is still "a very active investigation." He said he was on the phone today discussing the operation in southern Ohio.

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