Homeland Security investigating man suspecting of stealing U.S. Airman's ID

A U.S. Airman was victim of identity theft in Whitehall. (WSYX/WTTE)

A U.S. Airman now serving the country in Afghanistan became the target of an identity thief in Whitehall, according to police.

Officers were called in January after they say Karl Wiley, 61, co-signed for a $30,000 car loan at Dave Gill Chevrolet.

The dealership said he presented a valid Ohio Driver's license which police say was obtained with the airman's stolen identification.

The victim called the dealership from his deployment overseas once alerted by his credit protector.

He sent the dealership his military credentials, told them other servicemen have been affected and blamed a breach at the Pentagon for the theft.

In turn, the dealership called police and recovered the car.

Police say they did not know how Wiley obtained the airman's information but say he's also being investigated by Homeland Security for similar thefts in a multi-state identity theft ring.

Wiley has yet to be indicted but has already posted bail after his initial charges in February.

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