Ohio shooting suspect released from jail last month for domestic violence

Thomas Hartless. (Licking County Jail)

KIRKERSVILLE, Ohio (WSYX/WTTE) - Court records obtained by ABC 6/FOX 28 show Marlina Medrano ended up in the hospital after a violent night in January after suspected Kirkersville killer Thomas Hartless asked her if she wanted to get married.

Hartless was scheduled to appear in court Friday for a domestic violence case from March.

There are emerging details from intensifying sadness for those paying respects. A stranger had a subtle gesture to honor the three lives lost in Kirkersville.

"It's hell on Earth, especially for this small, one-horse town," said Logan Cochran, who said his dad is a Newark police officer.

Late Friday, loved ones of Pine Kirk Care Center nurse's aide Cindy Krantz and nurse Medrano were comforted by the Licking County sheriff, coroner and attorney general.

"We just wanted to tell them how much we care and how sorry we were," said Attorney General Mike DeWine.

DeWine confirmed Medrano and suspect Hartless had a relationship.

"I think it's clear that one of the victims had a relationship with the shooter, I think that's very clear," said DeWine.

Licking County Municipal Court records from Jan. 14 show Medrano referred to Hartless as her boyfriend in a domestic violence report filed by the sheriff's office.

In the report, Medrano stated Hartless choked, head-butted and punched her six times in the face after she told Hartless she wanted to marry him, but did not want a ring he said he bought at a bar. Medrano stated Hartless threatened to kill her if she called police.

When asked about what happened between the two, Hartless claimed Medrano fell down the steps. Hartless was released from jail one month ago after an arrest on a domestic violence charge in March.

The owner of Pine Kirk Care Center said his two employees were killed when the gunman shot out the front door lock.

"It was just plain overkill. He's out to take as many lives as he possibly could to satisfy whatever he needed," said Cochran.

The Licking County sheriff said firearms believed to be owned by Hartless were recovered and that it appeared all four victims died of gunshot wounds.

Autopsies on the two women are set for Saturday.

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