Mansfield man guilty on all charges in murder, dismemberment case

A jury found Walter Renz guilty on all 7 charges for the murder of Patsy Hudson in 2015 (WSYX/WTTE)

A Mansfield man will learn his sentencing Monday for the murder and dismemberment of a 62-year-old woman in 2015.

Walter Renz was found guilty on all seven charges, including aggravated murder, for the death of Patsy Hudson. The jury spent a few hours Thursday afternoon and early Friday morning before returning with their verdict.

Hudson was last seen at her home on July 4, 2015, the same day Renz and his girlfriend Linda Buckner moved out of a neighboring home. But, she wasn't reported missing until December of 2015. Neighbors said at the time that she kept to herself.

Renz and Buckner were arrested in Tennessee in February 2016, and found with Hudson's credit card. Hudson's body was dismembered, with the parts spread across several sites. Prosecutors said it was difficult to determine the cause of death, because investigators recovered less than 20 percent of her body.

Hudson's son, Lonnie Clevenger, attended the trial and said he was happy the jury found Renz guilty. He said he locked eyes with Renz a number of times during the trial.

"The way I felt inside I wanted to jump over there and strangle him the way he did mom."

But Clevenger said that would show the same inhumanity that Renz and Buckner showed.

"I'm not God. I can't do that," Clevenger said. "Then I'd be just as bad as him."

Buckner was convicted in November and is serving a life sentence. Renz is expected to get a sentence of life in prison as well.

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