New opiate addiction stabilization center in south Columbus to open in October

 Maryhaven will open a new 55-bed addiction recovery program along South High Street in October. (WSYX/WTTE)

U.S. Senator Rob Portman (R-OH) visited a new facility being built to fight back against the growing opiate addiction problem in the state. Maryhaven will open a new 55-bed addiction recovery program along South High Street in October. Renovations are underway to the new stabilization center. Portman helped secure the necessary funding that secured $1 billion in new funding for state grants to fight opioid abuse.

"It's killing a lot of our residents. It's the number one cause of death now in Ohio surpassing car accidents," said Portman. "It is effecting our communities in so many ways. It is the number one cause of crime, it is effecting our job market, people can't get through a drug test, so it is time for us to do something different."

"Some EMS workers and firefighters will tell you that they revived the same person five, 6, 7, maybe ten times. That is not the answer, the answer is to yes use Narcan to save somebody's life, but then get them into treatment where they can actually deal with their addiction problem," said Portman.

Maryhaven administrators said security at the center will be a top priority.

Portman said we also need to re-double our efforts on opiate education and prevention in Ohio.

Maryhaven will partner with the ADAMH Board of Franklin County, City of Columbus, Columbus Police and Fire, Franklin County Sheriff's Office, as well as local hospitals to establish the community wide network that will ensure that high-risk opiate users receive immediate access to ongoing treatment.

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