Pine Kirk owner: Suspect had relationship with one victim

Pine Kirk Care Center owner Tom Rosser now wants to make sure all of his employees have active shooter training. (WSYX/WTTE)

The owner of the nursing home where two of his staff were shot and killed by a gunman confirms the suspect was the boyfriend of one of the victims.

Licking County Sheriff Randy Thorp met the families of both nurses killed at Pine Kirk Care Center Friday evening.

That morning, Sheriff Thorp confirmed Thomas Hartless shot and killed Kirkersville Police Chief Steven Eric DiSario before busting into the nursing home and shot his girlfriend and a second nurse inside.

Facility owner Tom Rosser said the rest of his staff barricaded themselves and the 23 patients inside in locked rooms.

He said his Kirkersville staff had yet to go through any active shooter training.

Prior to the shooting, he said he knew of Hartless beating his girlfriend.

However, Rosser knew Hartless was released from jail and did not hear of any other problems until Friday morning.

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