Police still looking for clues in Reynoldsburg murder

James Stennies (Courtesy Reynoldsburg Police)

Friends have issued an urgent plea to help police locate a killer. Both groups want to know who killed James Stennies.

Last month, Stennies was washing his car in the early morning hours where he was shot and killed. Now police need help to find the person responsible .

"It appears Mr. Stennies pulled in the car wash at Lancaster Avenue," said Lieutenant Ron Wright.

Police said James Stennies was about to wash his car as the 59-year-old was getting ready to leave town for a family funeral in Indianapolis.

"Something ensued there," said Wright. "Mr. Stennies started to run away and the suspect fired off three rounds, struck him three times."

Stennies died at the scene. Now, police and friends are hoping someone has information about the murder.

"I think it's a tragedy not to get this solved and find out what happened to James," said Jeff Daniels, the Vice President of TS Tech on East Broad Street.

Daniels said everyone liked Stennies.

"James was a nice guy," said Daniels. "He was kind of quiet. He rode his bike back-and-forth to work. He worked second shift."

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