This coffee shop near Ohio State is literally underground... and its name is very fitting

(Courtesy: Coffee Underground)

The coffee shop is underground. Literally. It's setup in the basement of church.

It's also aptly named: Coffee Underground.

"We were worried that people wouldn't want to come," said its creator, Libby Glover, "because it's in a church, but those fears were unfounded."

The cafe is setup in the basement of the Indianola Church of Christ in the University District.

Glover, an experienced baker, who is not a member of the church, was asked to setup the cafe by the church's staff.

She's quick to point out that the setting doesn't necessarily mean there is an overall religious theme in the cafe.

"People love coming here," she told WSYX/WTTE. "Non-Christians, Muslims, Atheists -- they love coming here."

While Glover oversees the coffee shop, Erin Barron, who is a member of the church, runs the day-to-day operations.

"There is seriously something magical about the space," said Barron. "It's a feeling of belonging. It's why people like being here so much."

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