Dublin bridal shop "permanently closed," says it's reaching out to all customers

Bride-to-be Kelsey Hoak decided to try one more time Saturday morning to get the wedding dress she ordered and paid nearly $3,000 for months ago from the Elegant Bride Store. (WSYX/WTTE)

Bride-to-be Kelsey Hoak decided to try one more time Saturday morning to get the wedding dress she ordered and paid nearly $3,000 for months ago from the Elegant Bride Store.

She was disappointed even more than she'd been in the past.

When Hoak, showed up Saturday, they discovered an eviction notice posted on front door of the Dublin Plaza West Bridge Street Shop.

The sign said the store owed nearly $10,000 in back rent and other unpaid dues to the leasing corporation that owns the space.

The notice said that the tenants had until April 4th to leave the property.

By Saturday morning, black paper covered the windows and doors of the store.

Hoak said she finally tracked down the designer of her wedding gown located in Kansas City.

The designer said the dress had been ready for delivery for some time.

"The order for my dress was placed, it has just been sitting in the shop there waiting for payment from Elegant Bride, however, I paid Elegant Bride in full, almost three thousand dollars for my dress, and the money was never transferred to the designer" Hoak added.

She said she now has to shell out the same amount of money in order to get the custom gown shipped from Kansas City to another bridal store in Dublin in time for her June wedding.

"It was disappointing enough to see the bags up in the door, the lights out completely, it's gut-wrenching to know that you have that much money invested in this business, not only the money but the sentimental value" added Nathan Takitch, Hoak's fiancé.

Several notes and cards were left on the vacant business doors pleading for owners to contact brides-to-be so they can get their dresses.

A company spokesperson released a statement on Monday:

Per the statement on our website, Elegant Bride is permanently closed for business. Elegant Bride's store owner was not evicted, but due to the store’s closure, the eviction process is underway.
As mentioned, we are in the process of working with our suppliers to obtain a status update on all gowns. We plan to do everything we can to deliver the purchased gowns that have already been ordered. We have not confirmed our official course of action with our suppliers yet. However, we have been told that customer service lines at some suppliers are directing customers to other local retailers. We cannot confirm this course of action yet.
Those customers that have filled out the contact form on our website for proof of claim will be hearing from a business representative within the next 1-2 weeks with next steps once our suppliers have confirmed course of action.
All customers regardless of status should complete this form to start the process of formal communication. Existing merchandise in the store that is paid in full will be shipped to the address on file within the next 2-4 weeks. All customers can rest assure that this merchandise is safe.
Our sincerest apologies for the stress this has caused many families. As stated, increased financial strain due to a rapidly changing retail environment has led us to this position and we are deeply sorry.
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