Officer replaces 8-year-old's bike after taking theft report

A Las Vegas Police Officer decided to replace an 8-year-old's stolen bike after learning how he used it to get to school (Courtesy: Las Vegas Police Dept.)

An officer who took the report about an 8-year-old's stolen bike wanted to make sure the boy wasn't left without a ride.

The Las Vegas boy, named Jordan, said he rode his bike to school, but without it he was having to get up extra early to walk and get to class on time.

When Officer Marc Evans heard the story after taking the police report, he decided to get Jordan a new ride. Evans bought a new bike with his own money, then took it to Jordan just in time for his birthday.

The Las Vegas Police posted the video to their Facebook page Tuesday, and it quickly started going viral with people praising the officer's kindness.

The bike ended up being the same model that was stolen, which Officer Evans said he didn't know when he bought it.

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