Caught on Camera: Crashed car nearly runs down reporter on live TV!

(KTVU/CNN Newsource)

A terrifying moment captured on live TV Tuesday!

A KTVU reporter in California was almost run over after a crash sent a car hurtling directly at him. The reporter wasn't hurt, but definitely shaken up.

What could happen in the parking lot of a 7-11 in Fremont, Calif.? That's pretty much what KTVU's Alex Savidge thought while he was reporting live on a train derailment.

Savidge said, "And obviously it was a chaotic and confusing situation..."

While no one was hurt, you can't blame Savidge for his reaction. "My heart hasn't stopped racing."

Since his back was to the traffic, Savidge says he's grateful for his cameraman yelling "Get out of the way!" before diving to safety.

"This is the man," Savidge said. "That's Chip Vaughan...always has my back."

The older woman driving the white car had turned right on red and into the path of another car.

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