GDC School Shout Out: Olentangy Orange's Mrs. Vescelius

GDC School Shout Out!

Camille Goetz is a third-year student at Ohio State. She said without her high school AP composition teacher she may not of ended up in college. She wanted to give a school shout out to Mrs. Andrea Vescelius at Olentangy Orange High School.

Mrs. Vescelius has been a teacher for 16 years. Her room is also filled with 96 giraffes. The first giraffe was a gift from a coworker to represent a large heart and a long neck to stick out for the students. The rest of the giraffes have been gifts from students. Some of the students even take them on winter break or vacations and post photos of the giraffes and all of their travels. The teacher says something even simple like that helps connect with students.

Mrs. Vescelius remembers Camile. She said Camille was a quiet student that had a lot to say. She said that she could see a lot of potential in Camille and how to help her express herself. Camille said that in college she is able to use a lot of the lessons that she learned at Olentangy Orange.

Mrs. Vescelius said she is honored and touched that Camille nominated her.

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