Watch: E-cigarette battery's fiery explosion in man's pants!

(WFIE/CNN Newsource)

Just another day at the Quality Quick gas station in Owensboro, Ky. That is, until a e-cigarette battery's fiery explosion sent fire and sparks shooting out of a man's pocket.

Surveillance video inside the station's store area captured the incident.

WLIX-TV reports Josh Hamilton was standing in line, waiting to for the cashier, when the explosion happened.

Hamilton immediately jumped around, slapping at his pants as sparks and fire flew out of his pocket. He ran outside the store, struggling to take off his burning pants.

The cashier is seen coming outside, spraying a fire extinguisher as another person helps Hamilton get his pants off.

Hamilton then went into a bathroom at the station to check his legs. He was driven to the hospital where he was treated for second-degree burns.

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