Webcam Spies: Hackers using malware to turn on your webcam


COLUMBUS (WSYX/WTTE) -- Hackers could be spying on you through your very own webcam. It's surprisingly common and extremely disturbing. They can watch you in your home, your bedroom, even in your bathroom if that's where your computer is. And they can record you without you knowing. They could be spying on you from another country, or from right next door. To learn how they do it and how to protect yourself, click on the video link.

Statement from YouTube regarding the Digital Citizens Alliance (DCA)

"YouTube has clear policies that outline what content is acceptable to post, and we remove videos violating these policies when flagged by our users. While we take feedback very seriously, legal documents and news reports establish that the movie industry spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to fund, coordinate, and heavily publicize the efforts of this fake consumer organization as part of the MPAA's Project Goliath campaign."

Response from the Digital Citizens Alliance

"We looked into the spread of Remote Access Trojans and the threat they pose to consumers. We found one site that monetized the spread of malware and that was YouTube. We found one site that had a system to share revenues with hackers spreading malware and that was YouTube. In their response to our research, Google has tried to make the conversation about where our contributions come from instead of where YouTube's revenues are going. We'd like to see more concern from Google about the safety and well-being of YouTube's users.

The Digital Citizens Alliance doesn't receive funding from the MPAA. We have acknowledged that we have received support from companies in the creative industry, as well as from the tech industry, the pharmaceutical industry, and other stakeholders concerned about the long-term health of the Internet. It's unfortunate that Google spends its time pointing fingers when it should focus on making the Internet a safer place."