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FIGHTING BACK FLASHBACK: Lynn Vest and Jeremy Buttons

Updated: Monday, November 11 2013, 08:11 PM EST

EAST COLUMBUS (Tom Bosco/Kate Liebers) -- The murders of a 23-year-old woman and a young boy have remained unsolved for 33 years.

Lynn Vest was last seen at Hamilton and Main in Whitehall when her sister, Cheryl Buttons, dropped her two-and-a-half-year-old son, Jeremy, off at Vest's house.

Later that night, Vest's car was at the corner of Kelton and Main streets, four miles from where Buttons left Jeremy with Vest. The Vest and her nephew were found dead in the back seat.

Vest had been strangled and Jeremy suffocated. Vest's credit card, some cash and her wedding ring were gone.

"I lost it I guess," said Vest's father, Don Hochuli. "I just wanted to get ahold of someone and do some damage to them."

Hochuli, who was a Columbus Police Detective, said he felt helpless.

"I still have thoughts about not being involved," he said.

Detectives know someone knows something more, and are seeking public assistance to get more information.

"They have to look at it this way: What if it was one of their family members?" Det. Bill Gillette said. "Wouldn't they want someone coming forward who knew something?"

Buttons is eager to get more answers. 

"My son was two and a half -- why?" she said. "We just need closure on this."

FIGHTING BACK FLASHBACK: Lynn Vest and Jeremy Buttons

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