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'Grinch' in Hilliard Caught on Tape

Updated: Monday, December 9 2013, 08:22 PM EST
COLUMBUS (Terri Sullivan/Kate Liebers) -- A real-life Grinch was caught on camera brazenly stealing packages from Hilliard area porches.

Home security camera footage depicts a blonde woman wearing a white coat and high heeled boots casually walk up to the door and quickly snag a package and dry cleaning before driving off in a silver SUV.

"It's very bold and heartless," said Natalie Weir, the Quarry Pointe block watch coordinator. "It doesn't look like this is her first time doing this."

Weir said the victim shared the footage with her to warn other neighbors. The crime reportedly happened just before 5 p.m. Dec. 5, and it apparently was not the only time.

"They actually pulled into a second driveway and stole some packages from a family member's vehicle," Weir.

She said five people have told her they think they know the woman. The suspect apparently does not live in the area, and Columbus Police Department is investigating.

Package deliveries are particularly common this time of year, and packages left in plain sight can invite opportunist thieves. Weir recommended having a package delivered to one's workplace or asking a neighbor to pick up

Additionally, she encouraged neighbors to look out for each other.

"It pays to have nosy neighbors," weir said. "You have to be on the lookout. You can't not want to be involved because if you don't get involved that's how things like this continue to happen."'Grinch' in Hilliard Caught on Tape

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