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Updated: Monday, November 19 2012, 04:09 PM EST
COLUMBUS -- All week ABC 6/FOX 28 has been bringing you tips and information straight from the mind of a former burglar.

Bob the Burglar ended this week's series by breaking into a home on live TV, showing you just how fast criminals can ransack a home, and what they look for.

Watch the video player above for the entire segment. And watch the segments, listed below, from the entire week that will provide tips on how to protect your home.

Monday: Crime Hot Spots, Where Burglars Like to Target

Tuesday: Who Burglars Target, and How They Pick the Target

Wednesday: Protecting Your House

Thursday: Fighting Back, How Bob the Burglar Changed His Life


Reporter: Steve Levine
Web Producer: Derek DrakeSECRETS OF A BURGLAR: Breaking In!

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