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Updated: Tuesday, February 19 2013, 08:02 PM EST
COLUMBUS -- Michael Elston knows his way around a firearm, he is a former military weapons instructor, who’s raised three sons with guns in his home.

“Instead of putting them away and say don’t touch, with supervision, show them how to use it safely,” Michael told ABC 6/FOX 28.

Over the summer, two boys in central Ohio lost their lives after being involved in an accidental shooting.  14-year-old Noah McGuire died after he was shot by a friend during a sleepover, and a three-old-shot himself when he found a gun on top of a television.

ABC 6/FOX 28 discovered there are safety trigger locks you can buy for under $10.

“It locks the trigger, nobody can shoot it,” said Claire Marvin, President of New Albany's Aim HI Firing Range.

Marvin also suggests gun owners purchase safes that can be bolted to the ground. 

“The key is education, safety education, firearms education,” Michael said.


Reporter: Steve Levine
Web Producer: Ken HinesSPECIAL REPORT: Guns at Home

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