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Teen Hurt Trying to Help Assault Victim in E. Columbus

Updated: Friday, August 2 2013, 11:42 PM EDT
COLUMBUS (Steve Levine/Ken Hines) -- A teenager fought back to help a Franklin County worker who was assaulted in her car.

Dominique Vaughn said he was getting off the interstate near Mound St. when he saw a young girl and a woman fighting in a car stopped at a red light.

“I was thinking this was her daughter,” said the 18-year-old recent East High School graduate. “The girl sped across the street, with the woman hanging out of the car.”

Columbus police said Chiann Morrow, 16, who was in Franklin County Children’s Services Custody, began attacking an aide while she was being transported to a county facility.

Vaughn, along with his mom, cousin, and a friend pulled over to help the woman.

Vaughn said, when he tried to get into the car, the teen behind the wheel slammed the door into his arm and sped off, with dragging him 40 feet down the road before he was able to break free. He is now recovering from road burns on both arms, his forehead, and chin.

“She just kept going like it was nobody’s business,” Vaughn said.

Morrow was arrested less than 24 hours after the assault, and has been charged with several crimes, including robbery and receiving stolen property.Teen Hurt Trying to Help Assault Victim in E. Columbus

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