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Columbus Clerk Fired for Refusing to Give Money to Robber

Updated: Wednesday, May 1 2013, 08:07 PM EDT
COLUMBUS (Lu Ann Stoia/Ken Hines) -- A gas station clerk is out of a job after refusing to give cash to a would-be robber.

Andrew McCloud was working the early morning shift at Speedway on S. High St. when a man walked in and demanded cash from the register.

McCloud, 40, told ABC 6/FOX 28 he could tell the suspect did not have a gun, instead hiding a stick up the sleeve of his hoodie.

"I could see a poorly broken stick, and so I just kind of gave him that Grandma death glare -- like 'really.'” McCloud said.

The suspect left the store empty-handed -- which ended up being a big problem for McCloud. He was subsequently fired for refusing to hand over the cash, which is against the company's policy.

McCloud said he has been denied unemployment benefits, which is often the case when a worker is fired with cause, according to the Ohio Dept. of Job and Family Services. McCloud will have multiple opportunities to appeal his firing.

The former clerk has started a petition on to protest the policy that led to his dismissal. He said he would like to be reinstated to his position.

“It wasn’t glamorous and the pay wasn’t superior, but I liked the people," he said.

Police have circulated surveillance footage of the attempted robbery, but have not identified the suspect.
Columbus Clerk Fired for Refusing to Give Money to Robber

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