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FIGHTING BACK: Far East Side Break-Ins

Updated: Friday, March 1 2013, 07:57 PM EST
COLUMBUS – Homes on Columbus’ far east side are seeing a spike in burglaries.

Within the past week, ten houses have been targeted by thieves, who are stealing electronics, cash, jewelry, credit cards, and computers.

“I think it is ridiculous, I don’t think anyone should come and steal your belongings,” said Barbara Anderson, whose home was broken into earlier this week.

Crooks busted into her bedroom window, and stole purses and her grandchildren’s toys.

Sterling Williams’ home was also hit by burglars, but the bad guys left empty handed, fleeing when the alarm went off.

“I am getting an alarm system tomorrow,” said Barbara, “that’s what I am going to do”.


Reporter: Steve Levine
Web Producer: Kellie HannaFIGHTING BACK: Far East Side Break-Ins

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