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Graduates Face Bleak Job Outlook

Updated: Friday, May 3 2013, 09:11 PM EDT

COLUMBUS -- (Kelsey Mallahan) The second largest graduating class in Ohio State University history will receive their diplomas on Sunday.

As they practice for the big day, many say they’re nervous about what’s to come.
Nationally, fifty-three-percent of college grads will have a full time job in their field this spring. And forty-two-percent will continue their education.

ABC 6/FOX 28 spoke with OSU grad Noah Durucz who says he’ll attend law school next fall.

Other students say they’re overwhelmed with finding a job.

Michelle Granitz said, “I’m graduating with a French major. There’s not really as much of a clear line what you can do with that … like business or engineering.”

Many students say there’s a gap between what they expected to earn in their first job and their actual salary.

Graduates Face Bleak Job Outlook

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