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Updated: Tuesday, April 30 2013, 05:10 PM EDT
ABC 6/FOX 28 is on your side, committed to keeping you and your family safe when severe weather threatens the area. 

First Warning Chief Meteorologist Bill Kelly visited the National Storm Prediction Center in Norman, Oklahoma in April to give central Ohioans a look at the latest tools used to predict severe weather.

The center employs 22 of the top forecasters in the world, who pore over a constant stream of data from satellites and radar stations across the country.

The meteorologists are aided by the latest technology from the National Weather Service, including the new dual pole radar, which is a network of radars stationed all over the country that allows forecasters to narrow down the kinds of storm that are most likely to produce tornadoes. 

Thirty years ago, warnings were issued for only 25 percent of tornadoes. Now, with this dual pole radar, 75 percent of tornadoes are properly forecast.

The Storm Prediction Center also publishes outlooks about the potential for severe weather eight days before the events are expected to occur.


Reporter: Bill Kelly
Web Producer: Ken HinesPREDICTING THE STORM: Severe Weather Tech

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