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Pregnant Woman Attacked and Robbed

Updated: Friday, May 3 2013, 05:53 AM EDT

COLUMBUS (Ben Garbarek) – A pregnant woman walking down the street was robbed and then shoved to the ground Wednesday afternoon.

This happened near the corner of Joyce Avenue and Denune Avenue in North Columbus.

Police say the woman lost about $1300.  The victim says she had just cashed a check and was taking that money over to pay her first month’s rent and deposit for a new home.  She’s trying to move her family into nicer home in a safer neighborhood.

The victim admits she had her guard down because she was walking around 1 p.m.

“I wasn’t paying attention,” the victim said.  “I didn’t know (the robber) was going to run up and snatch my purse.  He pushed me down and ran off with my purse.”

She didn’t get a good look at the robber.  He ran off as soon as he got her purse.

The victim says she’s still hoping to move to the nicer home she picked out, but she says she’ll need help paying for it after losing all that money.

So far no arrests have been made.

Pregnant Woman Attacked and Robbed

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