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Renter Finds Others Living in New Home

Updated: Monday, February 25 2013, 12:22 AM EST
COLUMBUS -- Shawn Tanyhill was on Craigslist looking for the perfect home and he thought he found it; he was ready to move-in last month.

"It had brand new wood floors, a little Cape Cod, just for me, it was perfect," Tanyhill said.

On move-in day, things began to go down-hill for Tanyhill. He paid his security deposit, first month's rent, then found out someone was already living in his prospective home and he was told there would be some "delays."

"I said, okay, I understand that but I have to stay where I'm at though so can you give me the $500 back for first month's rent?"

Tanyhill says the landlord agreed to refund the rent but he never saw that money and didn't hear back for more than a month.

We found that property owner living in Georgia. He owns a few properties in Columbus but tenants there say they've never had a problem with him.

According to the property owner, he tried to refund Tanyhill's check but his address was incorrect. Since we contacted him, he's told Tanyhill he could send him a check; this time to the right place.

Tanyhill says it's been a month of headaches trying to get back to this property owner and has a few suggestions for other prospective renters:

Read all the fine print before you sign any rental agreements or applications and be sure to get hard copies of everything you sign.

Reporter: Shawn Kline

Renter Finds Others Living in New Home

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