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Robbery Leads to Police Chase in Whitehall

Updated: Thursday, March 28 2013, 08:42 AM EDT
WHITEHALL - A robbery at a local park caused quite a scare at a business just down the road when one man trying to run from police and hide out in the business lobby.

Ben Thomas was working the front desk inside the Body Language Tattoo Shop last Thursday when Ishante Patton, 18, ran in, out of breath and asked for a tattoo.

"I asked him if he needed help," Thomas said. "By the time I asked him that, police were already in the building."

15 minutes earlier, police say Patton and Shaquille Deramus robbed a man at Whitehall Community Park of his cell phone, cash and house keys. The victim was still able to call police and told them his robbers had a gun. police spotted the suspects right away on Hamilton Road. Their dash cam video shows the suspects weaving in and out if traffic at speeds twice the legal limit. After four blocks, the suspects stopped in the middle of the roadway since they ran out if gas. The video show officers taking Deramus to the ground as Patton jumped out of the car and ran to the tattoo shop.

Both men have been charged with aggravated robbery and are locked up on $150,000 bonds.

Thomas says he knows they're guilty due to what Patton said just before police took him into custody.

"The guy that has everything got away. I won't to say those are his exact words. He kind of admitted his guilt in the first 30 seconds," Thomas said.


Reporter: Lisa Rantala
Web Producer: Kellie HannaRobbery Leads to Police Chase in Whitehall

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