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Sequestration Could Cost DSCC Employees

Updated: Monday, February 25 2013, 08:32 PM EST
WHITEHALL -- The mayor and local businesses are bracing for furloughs at the city's largest employer.

Defense Supply Center Columbus, which is based entirely in Whitehall, is on the list of U.S. Department of Defense contractors that will be affected by $85 million dollars in federal spending cuts known as Sequestration.

Congress and the president agreed to the cuts in 2011.  They were meant to be so unappealing they would force the parties to reach an agreement on a more palatable plan for reducing the federal deficit.

That isn't expected to happen by the Friday deadline.

Whitehall Mayor Kim Maggard expects 9,000 DSCC employs to stay home one day a week for the next 24 weeks as part of the furlough.

She figures that loss of pay will result on $1.5 million in lost income tax revenue for her city.

She said she has decided to put plans at a new recreation center on hold, and she I'll look for places to cut back in the city's administrative offices.

Maggard says there are no plans to cut police, fire, or other city services.

Local businessman Mike Sweeney predicts the city will see a dip in sales tax revenue, too.

He said he's preparing fewer customers at his convenience store, The Beer Dock.

"I'm usually pretty busy right now with [DSCC] employees coming over getting a pop or a bag of chips and playing some lottery tickets, " he said Monday afternoon.

He said he expects those small ticket dollar items to be some of the first to go for the employees.


Reporter:  Dana Jay
Web Producer: Ken HinesSequestration Could Cost DSCC Employees

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