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Serial Robber Tries to Change Plea

Updated: Wednesday, April 10 2013, 08:02 PM EDT
COLUMBUS -- A suspected serial robber says he's changed his mind about his plea.

In court Wednesday, Miguel Neil gave several reasons about changing his plea but the main one is because he says he's innocent.

Neil pleaded guilty to give robberies and was arrested last year after police say he held up a BMV.

He ended up running out of the courtroom when deputies were about to take him to jail.

He knew he could face up to 40 years in prison.

His attorney said in court today that Neil has an alibi for four of the robberies and that was on an increased dosage of Prozac because of depression when he pleaded guilty.

Prosecutors say Neil shouldn't be allowed to withdraw his plea.

The judge wouldn't allow Neil to have any final words. 

He is expected to be sentenced in two weeks.


Web Producer: Kellie HannaSerial Robber Tries to Change Plea

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