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SPECIAL REPORT: Gov't Equipment Missing

Updated: Thursday, February 28 2013, 08:44 AM EST
COLUMBUS -- Thousands of dollars worth of missing items paid for by you, the taxpayer.

ABC6/FOX28 obtained a list of lost or missing items from twenty state agencies or departments. The total purchase price of the items was $478,000 though they would be worth much less now because of depreciation.

The list includes everything from computers to printers to floor cleaning machines.

One of the most common missing items is laptop computers. The Ohio Attorney General’s office has ten missing. They were originally purchased for $1,560 each. The State Board of Cosmetology lost three laptops worth $3,000 each. Two were found at a pawn shop in Cambridge, Ohio.

Greg Lawson with The Buckeye Institute says government has always had a tough time keeping track of things. "Because you don't have the same kinds of incentives that private companies do," he said. "With private companies, it's equipment, it's profits."


Reporter: Mike Kallmeyer
Web Producer: Derek DrakeSPECIAL REPORT: Gov't Equipment Missing

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