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Suspects on the Loose After a Home Invasion

Updated: Wednesday, March 27 2013, 01:42 PM EDT
COLUMBUS -- Police are investigating a home invasion and robbery at 5706 Forest Elm Lane in Northeast Columbus about 8 a.m. Wednesday.

The resident says three men wearing dark hooded sweatshirts and white surgical masks as well as carrying guns.

They ordered one woman to the floor holding a gun to her while another went upstairs where the woman's mother and 1-year-old child were in bed.

The robbers flicked on the light, put the gun in one of the victim's faces and demanded money.

They got $50.00 and a cell phone.

The three suspects got scared off when a friend showed up at the home.

They took off on foot out the back door, jumped a fence, and dropped their hats and sneakers on the back patio.

Police will be testing those items for any DNA.

The family says they have lived there for three years.

A neighbor that ABC 6/FOX 28 talked to said they didn't hear anything but heard yelling.


Web Producer: Kellie HannaSuspects on the Loose After a Home Invasion

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