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Tractor Trailer Filled With Lingerie Stolen

Updated: Friday, March 29 2013, 10:47 PM EDT
JEFFERSONVILLE -- Fayette County deputies are investigating the disappearance of a tractor-trailer from a Love's Truck Stop in Jeffersonville late Thursday evening.

According to deputies, the driver of the truck was paying for gas but when he returned to the gas pumps, the truck and the trailer were gone.

"They watch you, they see you go in, they jump in the truck and they're gone," Mike Payton said.

Payton is a 30-year veteran on the highways. He says he's never been hijacked but the moment a driver lets their guard down, they become susceptible.

"It's mostly just watch," he said. "Keep an eye out and look out around you."

Stolen big rigs are relatively rare along the I-70 corridor considering more than four-million trucks cross Ohio borders every year.

This time, the truck thieves targeted was carrying a load of Victoria's Secret merchandise.

"More than likely, [the criminals] knew what was in that trailer," Sheriff Vernon Stanforth said.

Although this is a rare occurrence, the Ohio Trucking Association says it's becoming a bigger issue.

"We've been pushing for safety- safety first," Sherri Warner said.

Warner represents the trucking industry at the Statehouse.

"We're trying to get a better idea of exactly where this is happening to take steps to prevent it," she said.

Texas and Florida have been typical hotspots for big rig hijackers but every now and then, these possible "theft rings" can target trucks in Ohio.

Deputies found the tractor in Xenia on Friday but the trailer and its Victoria's Secret booty is still missing.

Reporter: Shawn Kline
Tractor Trailer Filled With Lingerie Stolen

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