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Waste Watch: Hawaiian Conference Questioned

Updated: Tuesday, March 5 2013, 08:45 AM EST
COLUMBUS -- State Senator Kevin Bacon wants the School Employee Retirement System of Ohio board to reconsider sending three of its board members to Hawaii for a national conference.

Bacon, a republic senator, says the board approved $11,000 for the trip for three board members.

"I was startled by this,"  Bacon says.  "The economy is going south, yet it's okay for them to go to Hawaii?  No, it's not. Not fair to the retirees or to the taxpayers of Ohio.  They should cancel the trip."

Bacon has not heard back from his request.

But ABC6/Fox 28 news did hear from a spokesperson from the state agency.

SERS spokesperson, Timothy Barbour says, " The letter from the senator came out late in the day.  The school Employees Retirement System Board has established good relationships with Legislators in Ohio.  The points that Sen. Bacon brought up in his letter will be taken very seriously by the board."

The board is meeting on March 21.  It's likely they will take up the National Conference trip.


Reporter: Maria DurantWaste Watch: Hawaiian Conference Questioned

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