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Woman Expresses Concern Over Exposed, Dead Horse

Updated: Monday, March 4 2013, 07:02 PM EST

WALNUT TOWNSHIP--A dead horse that has been exposed for weeks has a Central Ohio woman worried. The owners say the animal will be buried in a few days.

Linda Muck takes Route 256 in Fairfield County nearly every week. Each time, she sees a dead horse on someone's property near New Salem Road. When she first saw it in December, the New Lexington woman called the local Humane Society.

Days later, she saw the same corpse under a tarp. By March, it was still there.

ABC 6/ FOX 28 stopped by to see if the owner had any plans to get rid of it. They declined to talk on camera. ABC 6/ FOX 28 also contacted a few Walnut Township Trustees, the local road supervisor and the SCPA. The trustees said it's a problem they've never dealt with before. Later, a trustee told ABC 6/ FOX 28 that the owner plans on burying the animal.

According to Ohio Law, the owner is required to dispose of the animal within a reasonable amount of time or when township trustees or the Department of Agriculture send a written notice.

It's unknown how the horse died, but ABC 6/ FOX 28 was told that it was old.


Reporter: Jen French

Woman Expresses Concern Over Exposed, Dead Horse

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