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Zoo Investigation Finds Possible Card Skimming

Updated: Monday, March 4 2013, 07:02 PM EST
WESTERVILLE, Ohio -- Fraud detectives executed a search warrant of a device found at the Columbus Zoo.  According to police, it was a Wireless Skimming Device used to take credit or debit card information.

Detectives say criminals could take stolen credit card numbers and re-encode them onto gift cards.

The Columbus Zoo conducted an internal investigation leading police to believe there was an employee skimming credit card numbers however, no one has been charged with a crime.

Police say they could not link an employee directly to using the device but the news has some re-thinking their finances.

"I don't ever use a debit card," Justin Thomas said. "I only have a card to access savings and I barely use that."

Thomas is one person who has ditched the cards to go to a cash-only budget.

Columbus Police fraud detectives say it's the only way to guarantee the safety of your money but say it is also impractical.

Police suggest monitoring your accounts on a regular basis and using credit cards over debit cards.

They say debit cards are direct links to your money while credit cards are, in essence, borrowed cash.

Either way, if you feel your accounts have been improperly accessed, immediately contact your bank and file a police report.Reporter: Shawn KlineZoo Investigation Finds Possible Card Skimming

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