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Should Gov. Kasich apologize to the grandmother featured in the controversial Issue 2 Ad from Building a Better Ohio?

70.25% Yes
28.48% No

Comment: But first he needs to apologize for being the WORST Governor in Ohio history

Comment: Shame on them. I never thought I would see the day when politicians would lie and attack public safety.

Comment: He does not care what is done as long as he gets what he wants, so he won't apologize. I'm glad he is not my governor! We just feel sorry that our children live under this situation in the great state of Ohio.

Comment: His pro issue 2 groups should be ashamed. It just goes to show he will stop at nothing to complete his agenda regardless of pubic opinion. I guess maybe desperation brings out the worst in people.

Comment: Governor Kasich should apologize. The add may not be illegal, but it certainly is dishonest and deceitful.

Comment: Down with Kasich!

Comment: yes, he should apologize on behalf of "Building a Better hio." They are representing HIM and HIS views.

Comment: Kasich definitely likes to play dirty politics, just like they all do.

Comment: I think they need to have any charges possible thrown at them

Comment: No one has the right to falsify another's opinion. What the grandmother stated as her opinion should never have been twisted for the opposite side of the issue. How could one person be for both sides of an issue?

Comment: Underhanded! It that how Kasich wants to be known? He should apologize in an ad to show this is not what he stands for.

Comment: Whether it was legal or not, it was against her wishes and she wants and deserves an apology.

Comment: The vote YES side of this debate have stooped to a new low. They, along with the Governor should be ashamed!

Comment: I don't think anyone should be allowed to use her photo, footage, or name because it should be covered under copyright law if that clip was copy-written when it was recorded. I think people who choose to use a person's footage in media that the original person was in and did not agree to should at the very least apologize to the woman. The right thing to do (although politicians rarely do the RIGHT thing) would be to remove her completely...maybe they just aren't creative enough to come up with their own ideas/ ads!

Comment: no imagination if you have to steel from others and you want to run our state !!

Comment: Someone should apologize to that poor lady. She made a commercial for something that she believed strongly in and someone was permitted to twist her words to their favor. This is the most pitiful thing that I have seen in a long time.

Comment: I think she should sue Kasich and his group.

Comment: hell yes he should apologize that's what hes done his whole political career , twist the words to benefit himself and his greedy backers

Comment: Why wouldn't he offer an apology? Seriously. Ass!

Comment: Yes by all means, this kind of manipulation of what someone said is inexcusable!

Comment: The governor and those who put up the ad should definitely apologize because how dirty can that be, to use her without her willing to advance your case knowing that she clearly oppose your stance on the issue?

Comment: There are many reasons NO BODY should be allowed to have wild/exotic animals Including snakes! This situation is just really bad

Comment: I don't understand how they could legally use the ad if it was shot by someone else. Aren't there copyright laws? Sounds like she's got a lawsuit just waiting to be filed!

Comment: This was just such a sleazy move.

Comment: Yes,Gov. Kasich and the people responsible for the production of the ad defending the law should apologize to Marlene Quinn. They used her words and image without her permission.

Comment: It's more than inappropriate - they didn't have her permission! Why do they have to resort to deceptive and unethical behavior to express their point of view??

Comment: Momma said if you cant say nothing nice don't say anything at all. I think his parents need to apologize to Ohio

Comment: It's the lowest possible thing to do in trying to deceive the voters but worse for the person used in the ad.

Comment: Kasich should apologize. I would hate my words in support to be taken out of context and used. Can she not sue for slander?

Comment: I realize he would not apologize even to a policeman but Gramma deserves explanation

Comment: Kasich should apologize for being elected governor!

Comment: Someone should apologize to her. We all know had this been the Governor or someone from building a "bitter" ohio, they would be complaining as well. Their actions are not just wrong, they are illegal! Here is another question for the King of Ohio; why did Kasich keep the exotic animal legislation from becoming law? Maybe his wealthy wall street friends have some exotic animals here in Ohio! I will never claim to have been a total supporter of Former Governor Strickland, but he was right on with trying to outlaw exotic pets!

Comment: Just goes to show you what kind of man he really is!!!! He will never get my vote again,,neither will most of the republicans I have voted for in the past.

Comment: Why don't the opponents of Issue 2 say that the monies come from my tax dollars?

Comment: If so, then many more would need to come from every level of government. We would be listen for years to come to them. Starting with a certain mayor who said a couple years ago there was not enough money for police, passed the .5 % income tax increase and then 1 month later they got a raise.

Comment: No. I don't believe he should. But he should at least publicly reprimand Building A Better Ohio for using her image without her permission.

Comment: No, the scare ads that the opponents of issue 2 are running are way above SCARE TACTICS. The pure scare of...Death will become you and you will be victimized and burned alive if you vote yes on issue 2 because we cant have enough Police and Firefighters is absolutely indefensible. We NEED issue 2 as a resounding YES!!!

Comment: Really? while misleading it is accurate. We cannot hire more fire fighters because the money is all used up in benefits. IF we cannot reduce the cost then we cannot hire any more.

Comment: No, because he wouldn't be sincere

Comment: She needs to realize that we need to balance our budget and this is one way to do that. Everyone should be equal. Does the grandmother want the fireman to lose their jobs all together??

Comment: Even though she didn't agree with issue 2, she brought a good point for helping issue 2.

Comment: These ads are so full of lies that BOTH sides should be apologizing to the public. Playing on the public's emotions by lying about how this will affect people is a much bigger lie. The big unions who are funding these lies should be the ones apologizing!

Comment: She is being used.I don't think she understands the whole bargaining law issue.

Comment: public employee unions hold local and state govts by spreading the fear factors.

Comment: All is fair in Love, War and politics. If everyone had to apologize after a controversial add, that is all there would be; APOLOGIES!

Comment: It is not his ad, and if he has to apologize then the democratic party should apologize for all of the out and out lies that they have put in their issue 2 ads.

Comment: FOR WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!! he's right and she doesn't know what she's talking about

Comment: Did he create the commercial? Did he tell Build a Better Ohio to create the commercial? No. They why the hell should he apologize? It is time Ohio wakes up and realizes that police and fire should be on the same playing field as Susy the Plumber or Joe the Used Car Dealer. For far to long unions have given their minions everything they could want, while the rest of us slave away. I am a public employee and this bill would affect my pay and vacation time, but face it folks Ohio needs to control spending! Why should cops get a raise every year just because they are cops? I am sick of the Oh god we can't hire cops or fire fighters so you are going to burn to death or that attacker is going to get you before we can get there because we sent all 20 officers on duty to a fatal crash. GET REAL!!!!! YES ON ISSUE 2!!!

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